Bugfix update to avatars, claws, animesh bits

Bugfix update to avatars, claws, animesh bits

Another round of bugfixes was released today, the following issues have been addressed:

Avatars & Claws addon

  • Claws addon, Tiger, Dragon, Gryphon, Fox, Wolf – Fixed issues with maitreya claws, both hands and feet, not responding proper as well as a positioning error on the hand fluff layer
  • Tiger, Dragon, Fox, Wolf – Fixed snarl mood not being available
  • Fox, Wolf – Fixed “pant” tongue option not being available
  • Gryphon – Fixed Gianni digilegs parts not being rigged correctly

Animesh bits

  • Animesh Nightmare – Fixed size L unpierced not responding to HUD
  • Animes Natural Canine – fixed size S unpierced in medium length still having piercings present

As with all updates, please use the inworld redelivery terminals, or touch a vendor to access its menu. If you find any leftover bugs or run into any other issues, please file a report in our discord server or via psicorp.freshdesk.com so that I may collect any open issues and address them!

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Metaforce Alexei

Another bugfix… yea right….. Fox and wolf macro hands and digilegs wasn’t fixed at all, again. That’s quiet dissapointing. I don’t know if anyone even awear of that.

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