Vernid Bugfixes #1

Vernid Bugfixes #1

After what was a very successful weekend thanks to you all, it is time to address a handful of issues that cropped up with the Vernid avatars. The full changelog is listed here, for updates, please visit any inworld location to access the redelivery terminals, or touch any vendor to open the menu and choose redelivery there!

  • Fixed the female heads not having asymmetrical texture options on the face object
  • Fixed the leg fluff on some legs not texturing
  • Fixed a materials seam on the cheek fluff
  • Fixed rig issues on Maitreya/Jake digilegs
  • Added links to the Royal devkits to the Royal packs
  • Correctly added the Vernid rigging devkit to the manual
  • Updated Texture devkit & custom appliers to include fixed fluff specular map
  • Fixed tail fluff responding when ear fluff was being toggled

In the near future, I will additionally start clearing some of my bug report backlog that accumulated working on the Vernids, as well as finally implementing the rigging fixes needed on the bento vaginas, along with tackling any other open issues regarding them!


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Hello, I’m using the eBody Reborn Vernid, I noticed it only came with universal layers and no skin. It all works fine and all, but I cannot wear tattoos for some reason. Is it possible to update the ebody side of it to include skins rather than universal layers?

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    Psistorm Voxel

    Hello – we hope that LL will fix the universal/tattoo layer bug, since it is currently clearly broken. Skins unfortunately do not have enough room for the textures we use, so we have to make use of universals.

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Breeann cole

I am trying to apply a custom skin that I had made, using the custom texture applier, for the chest. It wont load on when i click apply. I copy the uuid and everything but nothing is happening. I have tried every option even to see it if it will work and it doesn’t.

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    Psistorm Voxel

    Heya – this is best continued by putting a ticket on, comments aren’t really a good place for support matters. Do let me know if by chest you mean your avatar’s chest or the chest fluff that comes with the avatar though, in the ticket!

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