Gargoyle Update #1

After a successful launch of our new Gargoyle avatars at Abnormality, a few smaller issues have come to light. Today, an update was released to address the reported issues, which involve the following items:

  • Fixed the bento wings not correctly switching between animations
  • Fixed the “cloak” pose not playing correctly on bento wings
  • Fixed a mesh disconnect with the claws on the large bento wings
  • Fixed the horns not correctly hiding the no-horn alternate mesh on all heads
  • Fixed a crosstalk issue among multiple rezed out pedestals
  • Various smaller tweaks to HUD to hopefully fix smaller issues
  • Added a blender file to the texture dev kit to assist baking textures between horn/no-horn head parts
  • Separated out head, top and legs BOM textures to system skin, the BOM universal now covers limbs/wings only to allow tattoos/overlays to work correctly

As with all updates, please visit any inworld location and find a redelivery terminal or vendor and access its menu!

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