Miscellaneous bugfix release

Miscellaneous bugfix release

Today, various bugfixes and improvements were released again. The list of changes includes the following:

  • Bento Vaginas
    • BOM now defaults to on
    • eBody: Fixed erroneous normals causing a visible shading difference
    • eBody: Implemented the material synchronization script, the vagina should now immediately match your body correctly on attach
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Tiger Kit
    • Fixed a duplicate fluff being present on female/bitch heads, causing potential texture glitches
    • Fixed some macro hands/feet having wrongly named parts, resulting in texturing issues
    • Fixed various smaller claws/pads issues
    • Fixed duplicate tail options in macro unpack HUD
    • Fixed HUD script not handling out eBody on “All” option
    • Fixed some broken social media links on HUD
  • Gargoyle Kit
    • Added the gargoyle kits to the marketplace and main store vendors now that Abnormality concluded
    • Fixed a Maitreya claws set not responding correctly to HUD

As with all updates, please use any inworld redelivery terminal or vendor to receive the latest version! The exception to the rule this time is the eBody Bento Vaginas because of the additional features and fixes received, this will be delivered to you automatically.

Should you find any other issues, please make sure to report them on support.psicorp.us, or use our discord under discord.psicorp.us!

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