Bugfix update release

Bugfix update release

As of this post, another bugfix update is available. The following things have been fixed/improved in this update:

  • Gryphon: Fixed an issue with the head not taking BOM textures correctly
  • Vernid: Head was missing manual/custom appliers
  • Animesh Cervine Penis: Testicle-less sheath option was not texturing correctly
  • Fox: Unpacker was not correctly unpacking some nova parts

Additionally, the Fox and Wolf kits have been repackaged to address the following:

  • Unpacker had broken social media/etc links (now uses proper subdomains)
  • Unpacker was not delivering eBody parts using the “All” option
  • Updated claws & pads to latest version
  • Updated BOM to use an SL skin for head/top/legs and universal for the rest, to fix the tattoo issue

As with all updates, you can redeliver at your convenience by using the redelivery terminals in any inworld location, as well as clicking any vendor to access the menu!

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