Bugfix time once more!

Bugfix time once more!

Another Saturday, another round of fixes! This time, the Gryphon has received a selection of fixes, so if you are affected by any of them, please redeliver at your convenience.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with the ears not animating correctly
  • Improved the BOM layout, head, top and legs now reside on a skin, other parts still use a universal
  • Fixed potential issues with the macro hands and feet
  • Fixed unpackers not handing out eBody parts when selecting “All”
  • Fixed broken links on unpackers
  • Fixed some duplicate items in unpacker
  • Updated claws & pads to most recent version

Additionally, some fixes were done with the claws & pads (affects gryphon and the claws & pads unpacker)

  • Fixed Belleza flat foot claws using wrong rigging, causing them to float
  • Fixed missing Belleza “medium” foot claws

To get a redelivery, visit any inworld location and find a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to access the menu!

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