New item: Animesh Dragon Penis 5.0

New item: Animesh Dragon Penis 5.0

Now rounding off the “big three”, the Animesh Dragon Penis has received the PBR/5.0 framework overhaul! This brings it in line with the canine and equine models, and gives it all those juicy features the other two upgraded models already enjoy!

This includes features such as:

  • PBR material compatibility, for much more realistic and dynamic lighting
  • Full support for classic materials
  • Customizeable length, girth, optional knot and knot thickness and flare size
  • A wide range of piercings which are fully customizeable as well
  • Lots of smooth, detailed animations, throbs, bounces, sways, etc
  • Optional sheath and balls fluff
  • Shaft and balls tattoo options
  • Optional fluid sound effects together with much nicer particle effects
  • The 5.0 HUD, with much more detailed and easy to use controls
  • A rich devkit, making custom textures and PBR materials easy to apply

Once again, the regular and deluxe differentiation no longer applies, so if you made a purchase via the marketplace and are unable to update there, please visit the main store and use the caspervend terminal there, all your purchases will have been logged there!

As with all the new models, the price for the new and improved dragon penis will be 2000L$, and once again a VRChat version will be coming within the coming days! A separate announcement will be made for that, where I’ll be introducing the new asset and adding a few more features to the whole VR lineup in time, too!

As for availability, you can get your hands on it right now, simply click here for the marketplace listing, or visit the PsiCorp main store!

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