VRChat – Dragon Penis now available!

VRChat – Dragon Penis now available!

Completing the “big three” – canine, equine and now finally dragon – on SL, the dragon penis now joins the roster of VRChat penises by me! As before, you get all the juicy features listed below, with a few additions that will eventually find their way into the other models as well!

  • SPS compatible out of the box
  • Thicc Water support built in, recommended but not mandatory
  • Multiple texture styles for the shaft, sheath and fluff bits
  • Resizeable knot
  • Optional crotch fluff
  • A toggleable mess layer with dangly cum bits
  • Multiple shape options, such as girth, flare, knot, ball size and height, etc.
  • Smooth angle adjustments and throbbing function
  • And more!

Specifically new to the dragon is a nicer balls rig, rigging both sides individually for prettier physics interactions, as well as the ability to resize the shaft itself. Those features will eventually be introduced to canine and equine as well, likely with additional tweaks as I learn more and more fun things!

The new penis is available both in itch.io as well as on Jinxxy!

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