Soo after a lil private project time, Im back and have something for all the gryphs/avians out there.
Check out the pic below for just how the new bit looks like, and feel free to post your feedback here!

Shape wise, I diverted a bit from the classic “zeta toys” gryphon look and added some slight ridges, as well as a slightly modified head shape. This gives it a slightly draconian influence, and overall creates a quite interesting look, which has the nice side effect of offering an alternative for those scalies that were asking for a sheathed/knotted version of the dragon, which I hereby also deliver πŸ™‚

After a few days of downtime, the new main store is now open for everyone again. Please note that the old landmark will still get you Β to the right sim, but will dump you into the water, since the parcels were re-zoned. Ill hand out new landmarks in the coming days, and will later on update this post with a proper SLURL.

If you have any feedback about the new design (a cooperation between myself and my mate), please leave it here, ill be sure to read it and reply πŸ™‚

Due to remodeling going on in Fair Haven at the moment, the PsiCorp main store will be unavailable for a few days.
Purchases arent effected, only SLX might see some issues. but please go and tell me whether there are any issues arising for you on that front, ill work on fixing them asap.

Also, you may look forward to a sleeker looking, all new store design once its back in place, with a few nifty design changes and featurettes for the viewer 2.0 crowd.