Avian Penis Preview

Soo after a lil private project time, Im back and have something for all the gryphs/avians out there.
Check out the pic below for just how the new bit looks like, and feel free to post your feedback here!

Shape wise, I diverted a bit from the classic “zeta toys” gryphon look and added some slight ridges, as well as a slightly modified head shape. This gives it a slightly draconian influence, and overall creates a quite interesting look, which has the nice side effect of offering an alternative for those scalies that were asking for a sheathed/knotted version of the dragon, which I hereby also deliver 🙂

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  1. Thanks for posting this, and for embarking on this! It looks really good… especially as you say with the knot and a bit of continuous ridging for that avian touch, and dragonish tip. This will be fantastic when I am in gryphon or dragon AV mode, Knots and sheaths are very enticing!
    It does leave me still hoping that a purely avian one will emerge from you (pun intended) some time too. You have excellent features in your bits kits, and it would be great to see those combined with an avian.
    For instance, the avian one could have a couple vent-only modes, hidden, shown and excited for most birds, but for the ones that are in the mood to have a hemipenis, it would be great to see several stages of the throbbing, or flailing (as in flexi) coil of a ratite or waterfowl, plus the ultimate inserted mode like your other bits have.
    I’ve been using the dolphin one, since it’s the most avian-like up to now, and I don’t mind continuing to, since it’s so good, though I’d like to see just a little more motion from it. Maybe that’s not possible in SL yet, I don’t know.

    I am still going to get the above one for other AVs but I don’t know if I will use it for a bird-only character. It’s pretty nice though, might be tempted!
    Just wanted to give some feedback since you said it was welcome. Thank you for doing all these!

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