Eurofurence! – and general work update

Eurofurence! – and general work update

So, hereby Id like to announce that starting tomorrow, up until sunday, my activity online will be very near zero. Reason being, Ill be at Eurofurence again this year, and hopefully having a good time 🙂
If youd like to come and say hi for a chat, youre very welcome, just look for some dude with a ponytail, glasses and goatee, wearing a kilt and generally going around in black clothes all the time. If I know you from SL, all the better, I enjoy meeting people I met online, and im pretty open to chat as well. Just dont expect more out of me than that 😛

Also, Ill have my laptop with me, so Ill check up on emails and all at least, and might answer customer requests if I happen to have a bit of idle time at any point.

With that said, on to the work news:

The v4 bits scripting is coming along awesomely, is all I can say. Ive had a lot of input from the community on what they want, and many of those features will go in. Right now, im working on rescripting pretty much anything, and again its a huge task, but this time around itll be done a great deal faster. Heres a look at some of the things that will happen:

  • vagina/tailhole script count will go WAY down (down to 2 scripts + 1 notecard actually), and modding will be a breeze
  • linking restrictions for the penises etc should be lifted completely
  • modding the penises will be a lot swifter, mod scripts will be done away with
  • penis script count will drop massively as well
  • some extra features, like better particle controls  (stream intensity for cum/pee, im looking at you!)
  • better resculpting and retexturing features (gogo notecard powers)
  • new products to be released with v4, stay tuned on that one, right now hardly anyone knows about this 😀

Thats the brief overview of whats planned so far. There will be more coming as I work along my list of things, and the closer it gets to release (which I dont know a date for it yet, please bear with me and dont pester me, Ill announce when things are ready :3 ), the more info will be released to you.

With that, enjoy your week, and maybe I see some of you at EF!

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