So what’s the holdup?

So what’s the holdup?

Thats probably a question a lot of people have been asking. Let me give you a quick life/work update to alleviate some of the questions.

First and foremost, I was PC-less for over a week and stuck on a laptop for the time being. I could somewhat work, and did so at the time, but not at my full potential. However there are two more reasons for the delay:

– The boobs. The scripts are ready, I’m just waiting for my collaboration partner to do the sculpts. RL issues are a cause of delay there, but I understand that RL does play a more important role, so I’m being patient. I do want the breasts to be part of the v4 core release, thus they are a reason for delay.

– The vendor. My scripter working on the system had a LOT of RL stress, and again, I respect that. The new system he is working on is required for me to release, but once that is ready, Ill be updating all my vendors and will be readying for release.

– A few lingering, elusive issues. Im working through these as we speak, but trust me, work isnt as fast as it could be after pouring half a year worth of effort into it and still discovering problems that only occur under certain circumstances, or because LL has a few bugs in code that literally cause a one in 200 failure rate, but cant go unaddressed and prompt a major rewrite in this particular case.


All said and done, I’m keeping in check with my partners in crime here, and working to get everything polished to a mirror finish. I do want this to be the masterpiece release basically, and I have big plans once the pressure of this project is finally off my shoulders. I ate’nt dead, as it reads in certain Discworld novels, and Im still here and working on this!

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Glad to see your still working on this. But, is there a certain release date?

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