Snake Avatar Release Confirmed

After last weekend’s preview posting, I am happy to now give the official dates for this week’s PsiCorp Snake Avatar release!
Be sure to spread the word, and to join us at the following locations:

  • Saturday, March 17th at GYC, 2pm SLT
  • Sunday, March 18th at YIFF, 2pm SLT

Landmarks to the club will be distributed hours before the event via the PsiCorp customers group, and both places are also listed in the SL search.

Both events will have a raffle for a big amount of L$, and the Sunday event at YIFF will feature a very special giveaway: A custom colored, two-tone latex snake avatar! So be sure to attend and have a great time this weekend.

Furthermore, here are some details on what all will be released this weekend:

  • A line of eleven natural cobra species, all painted after real world cobras
  • A dozen of two-tone latex cobras, for the lovers of the extra shiny
  • The matching male and herm adult accessories for the snake, aka a hemipenis, with textures matching both the natural and latex shaders
  • A possible fourth product, pertaining to an upcoming KzK avatar release, details to be given soon

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