Info about upcoming Anthro Cobra Release


Time is drawing closer and the anthro cobras are nearing completion. As we speak, I’m working on the special adult addition for them (aka snake dual penis), and the avatars themselves are boxed up and ready for the vendor. As such, I will say that the release date is more and more likely turning out to be the weekend after this one, so spread the word, an official confirmation will likely be posted here over the weekend or early next week.

Now let’s talk features; what can these snakes do?
First of all, they are built after Spotty the Cheetah’s well-know “Shandi” avatar, with permission by the man himself, of course. They use mesh technology, so be sure to run a viewer that supports mesh if you want to use these. It really should be worth your while. For more features, here’s a list of what it features:

  • Four defined facial expressions modeled in mesh, looking much more alive than previous avatars
  • An all-new, low-lag HUD for the avatar, running on minimal resources
  • Completely redone avatar scripting, the avatar + HUD runs at around 140KB script memory, far less than comparable ones.
  • Beautifully rigged mesh parts, most notably the snake’s hood, which will deform naturally with your motions
  • Poseable hands and tail, as well as “foot only” or “tip-toe” alternatives for the legs and feet.
  • Eleven color variations, all hand-painted after real world cobras and then rendered out for an awesome gleam on the scales
  • As a first for PsiCorp avatars: A wide range of latex versions, a dozen colors available on sale for the lovers of the extra shiny.

And yes, you did read that last post correctly. Besides the eleven natural species, there is a full dozen of two-tone latex avatars going to be sold as well. So let’s take a look at what species will be available.

  • Cape Cobra
  • Chinese Banded Cobra
  • Chinese Spitting Cobra
  • Coral Cobra
  • Egyptian Banded Cobra
  • Monocled Cobra
  • Albino Monocled Cobra
  • Moroccan Black Cobra
  • Red Spitting Cobra
  • Samar Cobra
  • Spectacled Cobra

On top of those, the following latex two-tones will be available:

  • Black & Blue
  • Black & Gold
  • Black & Green
  • Black & Pink
  • Black & Red
  • Black & Violet
  • Black & White
  • Blue & Gold
  • Forest (A mix of Brown & Green)
  • Red & Black
  • Violet & Pink
  • White & Black


All avatars will price at 1000L$ for a combo box of male and female, and will be sold at all PsiCorp vendors upon release. Additionally, we will be selling a snake hemi-penis, aka a double endowment, fitting for the avatar. These adult parts will be sold as penis or herm set, and will come with two separate variations in the box: One with the penises side by side, and another with a vertical slit, one shaft above the other. Pricing for the adult parts will be 500L$ for the penis, and 900L$ for the herm set.


This concludes the little preview. Stay tuned for the official release date announcement, which will come with more screenshots and information about the where, when, and what else.

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