Dragon avatar preview and information

Dragon avatar preview and information

So there have been a lot of rumors floating around that I would be making a dragon avatar next, and people have been quick to suggest that it would be an update on the existing dragons. So let me get an official statement out there for people to share: Yes, dragon avatars are coming, and should be an awesome thing. And no, they aren’t going to be straight updates. They are being built from scratch, to be reminiscent of the original avatars, but the colors will differ, as well as male/female joint packaging rather than separate. For these reasons and more, I’m not going to offer them as straight, free update, but I am looking into offering a discount to owners of the dragon avatar, but I can’t make promises yet.

Of course, you’ll get your money’s worth on this one. Target price is somewhere around 1-1.2k L$, to be decided, and the list of included features is as follows:

* You get two variations per box. A full, fitted-mesh based body using dynamic materials, and a classic, baked texture variation using the default SL avatar body (think my cobra avatar here)
* Both genders in one box, as is standard. The fitted mesh option will also include a flat-chested female shape for androgynous/accurate reptilian forms
* You get various horn styles to combine, as well as ear fins, so you have plenty of ways to style the head by combining these
* Poseable hands, wings and tail
* No use of mesh deformers, so no fear of broken bodies when switching from this avatar
* Right now an extremely low script profile, still lacking some features but I’m aiming for an even lower footprint than the cobra had.
* Yes, latex dragons are coming as well, so expect shiny avatars
* There will be a small lineup of materials-only, special edition dragons that will really show off some of what materials are capable of.
* It will also include a rigged unisex hairstyle with a bit of decoration

So when are they coming? Essentially when they are ready. The first prototype is almost at completion, but got delayed a lot because I’m learning many new tools and techniques with this avatar which will benefit me greatly in the long run, and thus, by proxy, you guys as well. I’ll keep working hard on it, I really want to get this into your hands, but I also want to make sure that I’m doing the best I can with it.

And oh, you want a preview? Sure 😀


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Looks great!

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