Update notes for the dragon avatars

Update notes for the dragon avatars

So after about a week of many sold dragon avatars, it’s time to roll out a series of minor fixes. These are available as of now, so please use the redelivery function if you are affected by any of this.

  • Improved typing detection. The jaw should no longer get stuck in an animation in laggy conditions
  • Added missing voice support for the jaw animation
  • Added afk detection, the avatar will close its eyes while you are afk

Additionally, a small fix has been rolled out to the dragon bits and mesh vagina marketplace listings, fixing a missing HUD and applier in those products. This only affects marketplace products though, so if you are affected by this, simply grab a redelivery. If you bought inworld, you’re fine!


So what’s next? Well first thing is going to be a boob update. I’ll create versions using fitted mesh so you can enjoy slider resizing and jiggly avatar physics goodness. While I’m at it, I’ll add some multiboobs, as well as some rigged nipples as new products, so look forward to that. After that, I’ll work on a few new things again~ so keep an eye on the blog!

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david grant

hey yes it might look cool but what about all the effort some of us put in to the old ones? now you want us to buy a whole new avatar just because your replacing the old ones? that seems really messed up and i don’t really agree with the new changes. they look kinda like a kids toy now and they also seem a little more happy they most dragon avatar i know. ya it a whole new look and set up but that don’t mean you should get rid of the old one and expect the people that had the old ones to buy the new ones because it all new and mesh as well. personally i think this was a bad idea to replace the old ones with the new one you created and then offer nothing in return for the people that stay with you and brought and used you stuff.

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