Introducing the Sergal update

Introducing the Sergal update

After over three months of work, I’m happy to finally say that the new and improved Sergal avatars are now available!

They have been redone entirely from scratch, and have a much wider range of features than the original, as well more features than other, previous avatars. Some of the new things include:

  • Animated heads with long and short neck versions, along with the usual no-ears and no-neck options.
  • Three rigged mesh hairstyles, both for male and female bodies as well as long and short neck heads
  • Improved tail animations, with more base poses, as well as walk, run, hover up/down reactive animations.
  • The addition of tail sit poses. Choose from four base sit poses, each with a left and right variant.
  • Basic plantigrade feet options for people who like wearing long pants.
  • A new, “smooth” option in the Omega applier section, useful for cases like the Belleza Jake body, where my normal maps could clash with the mesh. If you are seeing problems like that, try this new option.

Furthermore, this avatar should be among the first in line for an update when LL eventually implements the new PBR materials standard, which should give some nice, additional improvements to the overall looks.

A note on mesh body support:
With the closure of Slink a while back, this avatar does NOT support the slink body. However, in the near future I plan to add support for further bodies to expand the range of options for anyone using my avatars.

Finally, let’s talk pricing and availability:
The avatar is available as of this post, and may be purchased on the SL marketplace or in my main store. Further vendor locations will be updated before long as well!

Pricing is where there is an important difference! With this avatar, I am selling a white “base” version, with all the mesh parts, shapes, etc along with white based appliers. Any other colors are sold as applier/BOM only kits, after having held a poll about this new method in my discord, which was almost unanimously in favor of this new approach. Do let me know what you think about it!

Pricing for the base avatar will remain at 1200L$, with each color set costing 300L$. Fat packs for the regular and latex versions are also available, at 4200L$ for 20 colors, and 3500L$ for 15 latex colors respectively. The animesh sergal penis has been released alongside, running at the usual 1200L$ for the standard version and 1500L$ for the deluxe version, which comes with the 500L$ Animesh Fertility HUD for pregnancy play.

If you are an existing customer, please wait and do not redeliver, you will automatically receive a white base kit as well as any color(s) you purchased in applier form! This will happen over the nex several hours, the process likely may take a while!

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