So, now that the foxes are out, the party isn’t over just yet!
Another event will be going on today, at 12pm SLT at the Underground Fur Club. So if you missed the fun at GYC yesterday, come join us at UFC! Also, if you missed out on the two free avs given away yesterday, you will have another chance today, as there will be one more av given away for free to a lucky guy or girl at todays event!

In other news, the foxes now also are on SLX, so go get em 😀

Fox Ad UFC Web

Yes, after a long wait, Im currently finishing up the fox avatar. The HUD is being set up, and recolors are prepared to be done later today.
Heres a brief overview of what this avatar will come with:

  • Male & Female in one package, for 1000L$!
  • A dozen colors to choose from
  • Facial expressions, tongue, jaw, eyelid and ear options
  • Hand emotes, both pre-set and easily customizable
  • Male & Female hair included, comes in over a dozen pre-made colors, or can be custom tinted
  • A compact and easy to use HUD, letting you control your avatar’s functions quickly and easily, based on the V3 Bits HUD technology!

So when will they be out? The sale will start on Friday, with the first event held at GYC, on 2pm SLT! So if you want to party, come find us there, or, if you cant, your second chance will be Saturday at the Underground Fur Club, starting at 12pm SLT!

Fox Ad GYC Web

Yep, after a long while, Ill finally give you guys another glimpse of what the fox avatar will look like!

Work has been going steadily, sometimes slowly, but Ive been learning a great deal about making avatars and all, and I feel it definitely surpasses my dragon in overall quality. After theyre almost one year apart, no surprise really 😀

So whats left to do?

  • the tail, should be easy
  • mouth interior details
  • lower legs just aint good yet
  • hands need importing
  • hair. I dread this ._. – but Ill make it work 😀

Anyways, have some pictures!

Bat Penis Release Poster

Surprise from PsiCorp! Tonight at 7pm SLT, we will release the Bat Penis and Bat Herm set exclusively at TYF!

Look forward to a tandem release, since ITFE will be releasing their great new bat avatars as well! Miaka and myself have cooperated on this release, and you will find a special texture set with your bat bits to match the ITFE

bat avatars. As special Halloween treat, the bat bits come with a special orange cock texture set as well!

So come join the party tonight, I will personally be around to party, and will answer your questions!

Probably no one noticed it, but yes, the website has moved to a different hoster, since the previous one had some slight issues with the content, and I preferred not to rent a VPS server for 900 USD per month just to host adult content.

The move went very smoothly, and the new webhost was so kind and move my site for me, saving me a lot of trouble 😀  – now enjoy an overall nicer, faster web experience, and hear some of my upcoming plans for the near future:

  • Web Manuals: This is something that should benefit all of you. Once the next set of bits gets released, Ill be switching to something entirely new: All manuals and tutorials wont be distributed by notecard any longer, but rather the notecard will point to the blog and wiki, where all information will be housed. What are the benefits for you? On one hand, I can easily update the manuals, and wont have to redistribute the new notecards any longer, all the new and added info will be available to you instantaneously! On the other hand, the wiki and blog allow for a LOT more customization and formatting options, so look forward to proper tutorials coming your way soon(tm), detailing the use of the mod scripts.
  • Small script fixes: Some bugs and issues are still in the modding scripts, but come the next big release, Ill adress these and make them a bit nicer. Thanks for all the feedback you gave to me about them, it really helped me find out where the problems are, and how to address them!
  • New bits: Coming up soon, the Bat Bits! The expected release will likely be a tandem event with Miaka from ITFE, when she releases her bat avatars, so look forward to that! Furthermore, we will cooperate, so a set of textures matching Miaka´s avatars will also be included.
  • The Fox: Work is coming along, and the modeling tasks are nearing their end. zBrush has been a bit of a pain in the rear for me, but I figured out what caused the errors I was seeing, and am now able to move forward. The whole thought of making fur via my methods is still quite new, but I learned and developed some nice techniques to create an appealing look, and I will preview it here very soon(tm).

That sums it up for this update, keep your eyes open for more posts here, coming in the near future!

As of today, all PsiCorp bits will come with the updated landmark for the main store, since it moved within its sim. To teleport there, click this URL:

Furthermore, the Anthro Herm Set now comes with the HUD – please note that since the update disk was also missing, whoever bought the Anthro Herm Set will have to contact me personally. Im working on ways to alleviate this issue however!  Also, there has been a small bug-fix round, affecting the Rabbit and Anthro Penis, their backward-cum behavior has been fixed, and the effect now emits in the correct direction.

On the avatar side of things, the Fox is making progress, the head has been tweaked more, and is looking very good, expect a picture sometime later today, both here and on my furaffinity page.

Im sorry for the inconvenience, the PsiCorp Main Store was unavailable for a few days due to the sim being remodeled. however as of today it is available again. Please update your landmarks, it is the same sim, but different coordinates.

In other news, the fox is coming along, the head is ready soon, then Ill move on to the skin and limbs. Also expect a preview shot once Im satisfied with the head

If you’re seeking information about my products, or want to read up more about how to mod them, or what products there are, you can now visit the PsiCorp Knowledge Base. It consists of a modified wiki software, which let me easily and quickly fill it with content and keep it updated.

The link is now in the sidebar, among with my SLX listings. Alternately you can visit

Thought it’d be time to give you guys a heads up about the site’s status.

Ive been recently installing the wiki I mentioned in an earlier post, and set it up to look nicely in line with the blog, thank god for CSS! Now that most of the style work is done, I’m starting to slowly fill it with content, the FAQ are mostly done, so are some general info pages. Once its complete, I’m going to fill the links section in the sidebar with content, and will post an announcement inworld.

On another note, progress on the avatars is going slowly, but steadily. I’m however confident that once I have them done, they should be pretty damn awesome 😀