Introducing the Dracolupe Avatar – Coming soon!

Introducing the Dracolupe Avatar – Coming soon!

After the rather successful bear release, I set my sights on something new. I once again wanted to design an avatar by myself, and a dragon / wolf hybrid has long been on my mind. The result is the Dracolupe, a full fitted mesh, 100% materials avatar.

We learned a lot from the success and feedback from the bear, and I wanted to really improve on the work done in the past. This new creation features some of my best techniques yet, and also has made large strides in script development.
So time to talk a bit about the features:

  • Mesh Body: The body is once again 100% rigged, fitted mesh, meaning you can set almost any shape you want via the body shape sliders. We include a distinct male & female form again, both of them modeled closely after the standard SL shape. This, combined with a powerful body alpha system, means you can wear almost any mesh based clothing without fear of clipping and are not reliable on specially crafted clothing items. As added feature, the female body comes with a mature option, as well as with a flat chested option for more androgynous bodies.
  • Materials: The avatar makes heavy use of SL’s materials to create a beautiful sheen, and is extensively modable. PSD files will be released at launch, and via the HUD you can control the glow and illumination of the crystals on the avatar.
  • Expressions: Create a wide array of expressions for your avatar; with five different base expressions for both eyes and mouth, as well as many tongue and ear poses, you have hundreds of possible combinations at your fingertips. Save your favorite expressions with a single click, for up to four extra pre-set expression sets. The hands once again have a wide array of pre-set finger poses as well, and are easy to customize to your liking.
  • The HUD: Customize any aspect of your avatar with the easy-to-use and low script HUD. Unobtrusive when closed and resizable, it gives direct access to virtually any customization option.
  • Custom Textures: Just not feeling any of the colors or patterns we’ll be offering at launch? Download the PSD files to make your own, then use the included, menu-based applier to easily apply custom textures to your avatar – no editing needed! Also, give away or sell your custom texture sets with ease, your customers can apply your textures with only two clicks!
  • The colors: At release, we are planning several options for you to choose from: A set of natural, hand-selected colors, followed by a rainbow variation. Additionally, a shiny, reflective latex variant will be included, and for a limited time at release, we will offer special editions for you as well.

So keep your eyes on this blog, we will post a new article when we are ready to put this beauty into your hands!

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