Animesh Equine Update #1

Animesh Equine Update #1

After a much-needed vacation, I’m back with some updates to the Animesh Equine bits!

The patch is pretty small, but adds some textures as suggested by my discord, introducing a version of the light colored shaft that does not have the darker fade at the base, and also adds a matching pink-skinned sheath texture to boot!

On the side of fixes, I addressed a small issue that caused the PBR shaft and sheath to look more matte than intended when changing textures.

Also, an important note! Since the marketplace listings for the other animesh equine products were delisted, it turns out you can’t just update those via the marketplace function. However, your purchases are all recorded, though please use the inworld redelivery function via either the Caspervend store terminals or touch any of my vendors to open the menu!

Finally, work on the VRC version continues as well, also expect the VRC canine version to receive a few fixes and feature improvements, as well as a second storefront for my VRC products coming live along with all that! Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

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