Introducing the Animesh Canine Penis v5

Introducing the Animesh Canine Penis v5

With the launch of the long-awaited PBR materials update, I’m happy to finally announce what constitutes a major overhaul of the Animesh platform, bringing much needed features and improvements, as well as introducing both a consolidation of canine variants as well as adding an all new one!

Since that was a lot of words, time to break it down!

What even IS this thing called PBR?
PBR stands for Physics Based Rendering, and is SL’s latest update. Immediately noticeable will be the much improved lighting and the ability to place reflection probes to enjoy proper, real-time reflections and more. On top of it, a new “material” object is being introduced, which allows the creation of way more accurately and dynamically lit materials based on proper industry standards. Shiny things reflect, surfaces respond way more to the environment, and you can determine between metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

How is it being used here?
Simple. ALL textures on the new penis use the new materials format, meaning it has way more detailed and dynamic lighting than any previous models, the metal on the piercing looks and behaves properly like metal, and things generally just look more “right” in their environment.

What do you need for it?
Simple. With SL having updated all regions to support PBR materials, all you need is an up-to-date viewer that is compatible with the PBR update. As of this post, the official SL viewer as well as Alchemy and Black Dragon support PBR, Firestorm should hopefully follow soon.
Though what if are unable to switch, or want to wait for firestorm? Worry not! The penises also come with full support for “classic” materials, so you’re not missing out on any features!

So what’s this about consolidation and all that?
Simply put, one big huge merger of the animesh canine models. Right now there are two models on the market, the original and the natural, and then there are fat packs, long, medium and short versions, regular and deluxe. As of this update, there will only be two!
First one is the regular version, which will now only come with the fertility HUD, as will future animesh products, and will be the definitive update to both the regular and natural animesh canines in all its shapes and sizes! If you bought ANY animesh canine in the past, you’re eligible to update to this one!
Second one will be the new “fat” animesh canine – a girthy, stylized design that really stands out and has a lot more swell and heft than the regular. This one will be a new product, sold separately!

So, features then!
Let’s talk about the most obvious – how does it replace all those variants and sizes? By being able to change shape! Whether you want the long, classic sheath, or the stubby one of the natural, you can simply flip a switch. Want it longer, shorter, thicker or thinner? A gentle knot or a fat, girthy one? Sliders are your friend! Different ball shapes are of course included again, though you can now also change the size and height as well! Want to angle the shaft up and down without tilting the entire package? There’s a slider for that as well now!
I added fluff options as well, for those who like a nice full tuft down there. But there’s much more yet!

I made an all-new HUD for this one, with a much improved layout, something that should be much more pleasing to look at and use in the heat of the moment, and make it easy and reliable to customize your bits. It also handles all the new features of course, and uses lots of nice little sliders and buttons to let you see what’s what. There now also is a detailed, illustrated manual for the HUD, going over every function, you can find it within the new manual notecard that comes with the update!

Also, particle effects got a total overhaul, and got redone from scratch to look much more dynamic and closer to the real thing. Oh, and they can now have sounds, too! You can toggle each effect individually, choose whether you want to hear the fluid flow, or just the splashing, both, or neither of course! And if you want to have some sound effects while making use of those new bits, the HUD also has a range of thrusting sounds, anything from oral noises to hip smacks of varying strenghts. You can of course also set a custom timing to make sure it is in sync with your anims!

Additionally, a sounding rod has been added as well, along with ways to play with it – slide it down into your shaft, have it thrust in and out, or pose yourself while grasping your cock and using it on yourself!
Or perhaps you like the idea of leashing a sub to your cockring? You can do that too now, the cockrings (yes, there can be two now) can enable a leash holder attachment that’s OpenCollar compatible!

And if you’re the creative type and feel like making textures, there are now two totally new custom material applier HUDs, one intended for personal use, the other intended for commercial, with the ability to style it to your liking, swap out textures and put your own logos and branding etc! Base materials are of course included for your convenience, and the PSD files for all the various texture maps are once again included in the manual for you to download and utilize! Additionally, there is a transferable applier for classic materials too!

So how to get it? Well if you already own it, it should be coming your way soon! For this one, I am setting up an automated redelivery to anyone who purchased one in the past. Do keep in mind that if you bought several, you may end up being sent the bits more than once!
For anyone who doesn’t own one yet, or who finds the fat canine just too irresistible, you can purchase either of them in any inworld store or on the marketplace for a price of 2000L$! – Also, if you want to try it out first, demos are available!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making these, it’s been a real journey overhauling so many things and figuring out the new materials, and much was learned in the process. This was a complex beast, and there will likely be more improvements in the future, such as support for a collar plugin for the cockrings, letting it be used as a subby role instead, and other additions like the ability to let others touch and control it.

That said, this is one of the most thoroughly tested releases ever, thanks to some really amazing folks and one super thorough CEO, but if you do find any bugs or issues, please make sure to put in a report on! It really helps me out and lets me make sure everything works as it should!

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