Bento vagina Legacy support & fixes

Bento vagina Legacy support & fixes

It has taken a long time, but thanks to the help of a few others putting in a word for me, I was able to obtain the ability to create adult items for the Legacy body! Right now the focus will be on the female version, support for legacy male *may* happen at some point as well.

This affects both the humaniod bento vagina, as well as the recently released canine vagina. For the humanoid version, there will now be a new product on the marketplace as for all the mesh bodies (though expect a fat pack option in the future as well), whilst for the canine variant, it has been added to the existing product. So if you already own a canine one, you can grab a redelivery and obtain the legacy version that way!

Additionally, all vagina variants have been updated with proper support for a custom texture applier, to allow you to apply textures and materials easily. Said applier is of course also included!
Lastly, a bug on the humanoid vagina has been fixed, where hiding the vagina left the piercings visible still.

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