Ive been getting a couple of requests of how to make PsiCorp bits with a micro avvie. Probably because a new series of AVs has just been released, and seem to enjoy a rather great popularity. Since many people asked the same thing, I figured Id go ahead and write up a little tutorial for future questions and for reference.

First of all, lets get some Q and A in:

  • Q: Why wont a PsiCorp bit fit with a micro avvie by default?
    A: Simple reason. I havent planned on making them fittable with micro avs, so the minimum size for all PsiCorp bits is 1/3rd their original size (the vagina has issues with that atm, but the upcoming version change will fix that).
  • Q: Will you make psicorp bits usable for micro avs in the future?
    A: Maybe. I will have to see whether this would impact the ability to make the bits bigger. It should’nt, but I want to be on the safe side. As it stands, with a bit of modding, it is possible already though.
  • Q: Why can i only make a PsiCorp penis so small, exactly?
    A: This has to do with how Second Life works. Any prim may not be smaller than 0.01 meters on any axis. The root prim of  a PsiCorp bit is always 0.03 on each axis, which explains why you can only scale the bits to 1/3rd of their size. The small size was chosen so the transparent sphere is harder to spot on an avatar, in the attempt to keep the transparent prim footprint as small as possible (as compared to other bits, where you can see the entire thing when you make transparent prims visible).

So how can you make your PsiCorp peen fit with a micro? Easy!

  1. Rez the PsiCorp bits, either on the ground, or attach them to your micro
  2. After being amused about how big it looks on your tiny avatar, select the bits and scale them down to the point where it wont let you make it any smaller.
  3. Now comes the slightly tedious part. Select the actual visible prims of the penis (toggling “edit linked” in the edit menu for that) and scale those smaller.
  4. Then, either type “/5 save pose” into chat, or click the button in the HUD
  5. Rinse and repeat for each of the penis´ states

This should answer those questions, if you have any further input, do feel free to comment here!