Brownie points if you recognize where that title is from 😀

In any case, im not dead, and the v4 series bits are doing well! Its been way more work than I anticipated, but totally worth it. Given how I´m now close to finish, I can give you all a little status report, as well as an overview of the features.

What´s left to do:

  • Some bugfixing in general, making sure everything place nice
  • The boobs, a comparatively small task
  • Converting the old bits over, likewise a rather quick task

And now the good stuff, an overview of the features:

  • Massively improved modding. All you beginner modders will have an easier time, and all the advanced people will have more options. No more modding scripts!
  • Support for third party accessories (there WILL be piercing kits etc with easy mod-in support!) as well as textures. So avatar creators will be able to easily supply textures for their creations!
  • Script count has dropped drastically due to a totally new architecture. This results in less lag for you, and easier setup for me.
  • Better auto-hide controls via a HUD button
  • Particle intensity slider to quickly adjust your particle effects on the fly
  • Bulge feature, for when you want to wear your bits with clothing – also, third party people will be able to extend this into full on compatible clothing which animates with your bits!
  • Boobs! With a notecard based outfit system to make it easy for creators to add custom clothing, and they will come in 3 sizes. Big, normal, multi.

So what all does the better modding mean for you?

  • As mentioned before, third party textures and prim mods. So easy-add piercing kits, and textures to fit the avatar you buy, if the creator wants to supply them
  • Instead of clicking around with scripted prims, you can now use easy text commands to control your bits modding, and the vagina doesnt even need much of that, itll work of prim names and descriptions!
  • A whole wealth of new commands, letting you define cumcover prims, adding, removing prims, enabling and disabling poses for prims and more.
  • Prim tagging, a new and awesome concept, which makes it easy to have specific prims only show up under certain conditions and define which texture effects (cumcover, condom etc) you want to assign to your prims, and which prims should function as clothing.
  • Smarter modding. If you add a prim, it will automatically be saved for the currently active state. Prims wont lose their texture anymore when adding them, and shiny  & glow are natively supported now without needing to set anything up.
  • The email backup function now creates far less clutter and is easier to use, and also faster!
  • Better linkability. Have a prim body and want to link your shaft to it? No problem! Want to delink your bits to take them apart, and re-link them later? It wont break anymore! The new bits dont care which part is the root prim, and will intelligently make sure to only use a minimum of chat listeners.
  • Easier, bug-free multi-cocks. Due to the new system, having a multi-cock wont cause any more scripting problems, and its also easy to set them up for this purpose!
  • Need more space for your mods? Easy! Just duplicate the respective script (position, texture, or sculpt), clear it out, and you´ll have more space for your customizations!
  • Each positioning script can hold up to 7-8 full sets of prim data, so even high prim-count mods wont use a ton of scripts anymore!

There is more good stuff im sure I forgot, but that should nicely outline all the work thats gone into it so far. As I said, im currently polishing the penis/vagina/tailhole scripts and the HUD, before working on the breast scripting. I do expect a release this month, and I will make an announcement once the time has come 😀