As of right now, the v4.0 bugfix update is out. As per usual, use any vendor´s redelivery function to obtain the new bits.

The fixes can be seen in my previous post if you want details. Mostly, some smaller issues were fixed pertaining to single bits, the overarcing fixes that affect all models are as follows:

  • Emitter prims will now save correctly. Previously, they were filtered erroneously in the “save mods” function.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a function in the prim positioner. This fixes stack heap collision errors when modding.
  • Fixed sculpts accidentally displaying as torii in certain conditions. This also fixes some modding related problems
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not registering new prims proper
  • Fixed the sculpt handler not handling copy statements in the sculpt notecard correctly

If any other bugs crop up, let me know, and I will see about fixing them.

Now that v4.0 is out there, I’ve got to say it went remarkably well. All the new features are taken up very nicely, and while – due to the large audience – some bugs showed up, the amount is little and the fixes are quick to do, no large systemic faults really.
This brings me to the important part of this post, the known issue list. Please report to me – via IM or notecard – if you find any bugs related to v4, and I will see to fixing them before releasing a bugfix update later this week.

  • Issue: The Positioner script crashes when saving/modding prims.
    This has been fixed. One of the functions accidentally caused a memory leak, which caused the script to eventually run out and crash. Positioner scripts now will not crash anymore and will start with more memory left to boot, due to optimizations, and possibly run a small bit faster since I’ve gone and done further tweaks where possible.
  • Issue: The emitter prims don’t save position when modding them.
    Also fixed, a tag check in the “save mods” function was missing, so “emitter” tagged prims were filtered from being saved, ever. Oops.
  • Issue: The dragon penis does not recolor properly sometimes.
    UPDATE: I saw it happen, but it stopped happening once i tried to debug it. For now, reset the first texture handler a few times, that somehow fixes it. If i can find out why it happens, I will fix it proper. Right now its just very random on the same script, with no lead as to what could cause it, since debug runs always turn out without errors.
  • Issue: The bear penis´ cum effect does not play
    UPDATE: Fixed now. As I thought, I forgot to edit the emitter descriptions correctly. Will be shipped when the update hits the servers later this week.
  • Issue: The mini vendors in the main store aren’t functioning/delivering items
    UPDATE: This issue has been fixed now, mini vendors are working fine
  • Issue: The Anthro Penis has some wrong prims. Uncut may be cut, a cut may be uncut and so forth.
    UPDATE: Fixed missing foreskin, fixed condom turning into torus. Looked over them all, they work right now
  • Issue: Barbs on the Natural Feline Penis are partly flipped
    This has been fixed, sculpt flags were set incorrectly. Added inverter flag where needed.

Again, if you have any other issues to report, please tell me and I will put them up here for everyone to see. I will also update this list as I fix things, so you can see what I’m doing. Ill announce when everything will be deployed, since I want to wait about until the end of the week, so I can catch any other potential bugs before re-packaging things. This particularly goes for bugs that might affect every model, or most of them, like the memory/emitter saving bug.


Lastly, lets talk a little about what comes next. I still have big plans, and obviously, there will be more bits coming soon. Though other projects will be released first. The PsiCorp breasts for instance, will come very soon, and WILL come as a mesh only product to improve quality. After the KG1 Gasmask, this is  our first big mesh product for the adult market, and Im looking forward to see the resonance. Now that Phoenix will get mesh support a little ways down the road, there really isn’t any reason to hold back with the awesome technology that mesh is.
Furthermore, a mesh-based avatar is in the works, and will be announced in the coming weeks as I return to working on it. And lastly, there are some other, smaller projects I will release before long, probably before the end of the year, as an in-between, since i wanted to do some of them for a long time.

Thats all from me for now. As always, be sure to let people know about this post, so I can catch any other bugs on the loose out there and publish them here/fix them. And of course, Im always eager to hear feedback, about the scripting changes, and about the new models that came out 😀