Since I was informed that many people were a bit confused by the way we talked about the cobra avatar, I’m taking the chance to sum up all the relevant information in one post 🙂

Firstly, let’s talk about sales. When the cobra was first released, we offered an inworld sale, offering our Avatar Core bodies for 1000 rather than 1200, and our Cobra Kits for 500 rather than 600. This was valid for the release weekend. As it stands, we will do these kinds of deals again, offering both our mesh bodies and the newly released kits cheaper during a release weekend. This should be a nice bonus for early birds and encourage people to pick up our avatars, so keep an eye open for more such deals in the future.

Secondly, let’s talk about cobra redeliveries. Right now, you either buy new, or redeliver an older cobra avatar. Due to us transitioning away from selling full avatars to selling a mesh body along with a variety of addon kits instead, we decided to implement a solution for those people who bought one of our avatars in the past. Rather than simply giving them the kit and saying “Here’s the cobra parts, now spend another 1200 to have a body”, we instead include two “light” versions of our mesh bodies (male + female) in the redelivery boxes.
Light versions differ from the full ones in that they a) lack clothing layers and b) lack omega applier support. This tailors them for use with the avatar it came with, basically, whilst allowing our old customers to wear a complete avatar out of the box, without having to purchase any additional items.

And now, we’ll sum up both cases in short again:

  • Option A: You buy the Cobra Kit as a new product. You then buy – if you don’t already own – an Avatar Core mesh body, and that’s all that. You got a shiny avatar, and a really cool mesh body.
  • Option B: You own an old cobra avatar, and have it redelivered. You find that you’d rather have clothing layers, or the androgynous body. You pick whichever body you wish to buy, and purchase it. You then contact us – via a ticket on, providing us with your SL name and stating which body you bought and, if everything checks out, we refund you 1000L$.

We hope this clears up any questions, if there is anything unclear, feel free to contact our support via 🙂

Once again, time for some updates! After having given Avatar Core a coat of polish post-release and addressing any bugs that were reported, we set our sights on a patch for our version 6 bits. The goal here was to remove some bugs on one hand, and to add a few small features on the other, rounding off this release a little more and making our customers – especially modders – a little happier.

So what’s the big news with the patch? Let’s cover the basics!
Firstly, we fixed glow on the penises. In a little more detail, we changed the way we handle the “short” states, and rather than using the textures’ alpha channel as 6.0 did, we now simply cut away the front half via additional faces we can hide. In turn, this means that the alpha channel on shaft textures is now freed up, letting you make use of it for your mods!

Next up, we gave the vaginas a coat of polish, adding in more texture options for the outer area to better fit together with your avatar. The tailhole has been given the same treatment and now sports fur, scale and plate texture options.

For the breasts, we mainly redid the nipple textures since they were old and we could do better, so we did. The nipples now utilize materials as well, and we added a new set of “smooth” texture options which should make them fit an even wider range of avatars.

Last but not least, the /5shiny command now works for ALL bits, where previously only the penises could take advantage of it. So finally you can edit the shininess of your vaginas, tailholes and breasts. The appropriate documentation has been added to the respective manuals, so give it a read!


To update to v6.1, please visit any inworld vendor or redelivery terminal and click em, this will take you to the Caspervend Redelivery page which will list all past purchases. Should you find anything missing, please contact customer support under and leave a ticket, we will restore missing items as soon as we can!


Now for the technically inclined, here are the full patch notes of v6.1:

  • Change: All penis shaft textures no longer use alpha channels to display short states, instead hard shaft prims will use additional faces which can be hidden on short states. This frees up the alpha channel for modding purposes, and fixes unintended behavior when using glow on the shaft
  • Change: Breasts nipples & cumcover textures have been redone to use materials, new texture options for nipples have been added, using a smoother look
  • Add: The penis now supports the /5alphamode command, allowing the sheath, shaft or effect layers to use different alpha modes (none, blend, mask or emissive), for further modding use
  • Add: The penis also supports /5alphacutoff command, allowing to specify the cutoff value used for alpha mode mask
  • Add: The vagina & tailhole now supports the /5shiny commands as well, allowing to customize the shiniess values of all sub-objects (flesh, fur)
  • Add: The vagina & tailhole now all include the fur, scale, plate & latex options on top of any unique texture options
  • Add: The breasts now supports the /5shiny command on all layers
  • Fix: Fixed piercing coloration & glow not correctly applying / persisting through states on penis piercings
  • Fix: Various smaller performance and memory changes to the Penis Materials Script, resulting in less memory used while texturing
  • Fix: Fixed glow handling on vagina & tailhole, it now always applies to the correct prims
  • Fix: Fixed shininess not affecting many sheath prims when the default smooth texture was chosen
  • Fix: Fixed some erroneous normal maps on some sheath prims when latex preset was chosen
  • Fix: Fixed missing normal maps on some sheath prims when “smooth” preset as chosen
  • Fix: Potential fix for vagina piercing script crashing on repeated resizing
  • Fix: Changed vendor pictures for Snake Penis & Snake Herm Set to better emphasize that both variants have twin shafts