As of this blog post, an update is available for Avatar Core 2.1 is available for update.
We fixed a few outstanding bugs, as well as some other neat things.

Affected by this update are the following products:

  • All Avatar Core bodies
  • All Avatar Core macro breasts
  • The regular size perky & multi perky breasts

This update fixes the following:

  • Fixed several minor UV issues on the legs, most notably an asymmetry on the left knee.
  • Shifted the macro line over to using deformers over letting the bodies define joint offsets. This allows for macro sergals to happen.
  • Fixed a MAJOR performance issue with texture appliers. Using them is now lightning fast!

Also available now is the macro sergal kit, so if you want to supersize your sergal experience, be sure to pick it up from any sergal vendor or from our marketplace listing!

The wait is over, Sergals have arrived!
After a few months of hard work and intense learning, we’re happy to show off our best work yet – the PsiCorp Sergal avatar kits! Trying to break away slowly from our old style, we switched to a more hand-painted approach, focusing on paying close attention to detailĀ  and giving it lots more personal flair. And we believe the results show!

We wanted to make this a pretty, expressive and easily modable avatar, and we worked hard to make it so. Features for tehese kits will include:

  • All new, hand painted fur details
  • Two different mane options, for both male & female variants
  • Remade hand expressions for the four-fingered Sergal hands
  • A wide range of facial expressions, easily combined into a multitude of customized expressions
  • A lush, expressive tail with plenty of animations
  • An optional macro variant at 2x the size of regular avatars
  • Shiny latex texture variants
  • An all new set of eyes, rebuilt and retextured from the ground up

Furthermore, we did more than just make new avatars. We also will be releasing our Avatar Core 2.1 update during the same time, which includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Better human hands, with improved rigging and double-sided nails, which now can be colored individually via text command
  • A range of minor mesh, rigging fixes and improvements
  • Reduced clothing layer clipping
  • An optional, extended neck piece to help avoid gaps between our bodies and mesh heads
  • A special neck piece to support long-necked avatars, like our Sergals

Because of that last point, 2.1 will be the minimum version to support the Sergal avatar kits, so be sure to update if you own a 2.0 already – remember, it’s free! Updates can be obtained by touching any of our inworld redelivery terminals, as well as our vendors. Simply click them to access the menu.

As for the when and where, we’ll be having two parties once again.

  • The first event on Saturday the 19th, 4pm to 6pm SL time at YIFF
  • The second event on Sunday the 20th, Noon to 2pm SL time at The Ark

Pricing will be 600L$ for the kits, though remember, they, as well as our mesh bodies, will be on sale during the weekend, so in all inworld locations, you will be paying only 1000L$ for a body, and 500L$ for our new Sergal kits!
Of course, we will also have music, dancing and our L$ giveaways again, so be sure to attend and have a great time!