Today’s bugfix update addresses the following problem:

  • Fox kit – fixed several missing digileg variants

As always, please visit any inworld location to redeliver, should you be affected by these issues. You can use a redelivery terminal, or touch any vendor to bring up its menu as well.

After multiple people have expressed interest in getting access to Substance Painter developer kits, and after wanting to restart the early access creator program as well, I figure it was time to set up something to bring all of that under one role.

As such, you are now able to apply for verified creator status. To sum it up, this is to verify that you are an SL creator in good standing, and are interested in creating mods for PsiCorp products and would benefit from using Substance Painter, or you wish to create mods for upcoming items in time for their release.

You will also gain a special discord role, with access to a dedicated channel for discussions and devkit requests. There ARE terms of service in place of course, and for anyone requesting early access kits there are expectations this is done with the intent of actually releasing something in time for release. This is to prevent people from simply abusing these systems.

To apply for this type of status, click here and fill out the form, I’ll review your application as soon as possible!

For today’s round of bugfixes, the following things have been addressed:

  • Sergal Texture Dev Kit – Added UV map overlays, added alpha mask for mane textures
  • Fox / Wolf Kit – Fixed an issue with badly placed claws and pawpads for the eBody digilegs
  • Dragon Kit – Fixed an issue where the tails would not correctly switch to BOM texturing

As always, visit any inworld location to redeliver, using either a redelivery terminal or clicking a vendor to access the menu!