Going virtual!

Going virtual!

It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of stuff to learn, but finally I can get this into your hands!
Ever fancy using the PsiCorp wolf in VRChat? Well now you can!

This is definitely a first foray, I had to learn everything from scratch, build new assets, etc etc, and it’s certainly been a rocky road, but I’m glad to have something functioning now that I can offer people!

The basis is a newly made body, both male and female, with smoothly changeable body types and other NSFW gimmicks, which comes with a solid outfit as well. Tshirt, shorts, skirt, two types of underwear, and with the files to create and add other things if you so desire!

It does come with some of the usual stuff, lipsync, expressions, full body tracking support, GoGoLoco etc, as well as a full set of NSFW options for male, female, and any sort of intersex combination!

If you’d like to get your hands on this, go check out the gumroad link here! The price will be 30 euros, all included! And yes, I do plan on selling the canine bits themselves on their own very soon as well!


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