As of today, there is a patch available for all PsiCorp v5.0 series bits. In it, I addressed the reports that were filed in the past month, addressing numerous smaller and larger issues, mostly concerning the bits and fertility HUDs. A few bugs specific to certain bits were taken care of as well.

Detailed list of changes and fixes:

  • Bits HUD: Fixed resizing interfering with button detection. Buttons were considering HUD scale, when in reality, that was not necessary, leading to wrong calculations.

  • Bits HUD: Fixed stale bits not always being cleared, the HUD will now check if bits are actually still present each time it updates the main group buttons

  • Bits HUD: Added code to address bits sometimes registering twice on login, should prevent duplicate entries reliably from now on

  • Bits HUD: Made small changes to auto-hide selection, should help with some issues people noticed. If you still see instances of auto-hide not working, please provide steps for reproduction

  • Fertility System fixes:

    • Fixed an issue that may have caused obscene delays until a pregnancy was rolled for – probably the main reason why some people reported they could not get pregnant, even on extreme fertility

    • Fixed an issue that caused the first infertile cycle after setting up not to have a random +-10% variance

    • Fixed an issue that caused the next cycle phase indicator to indicate dates in the past when using time acceleration

    • Fixed an issue that would cause an incorrect display of when children were due. The birth would still happen at the correct time though.

    • Changed internal partner/father name handling to use names instead of UUIDs, to avoid having empty strings for names due to an llKey2Name limitation. Fathers of any children should now always be correctly named when checked for

    • Fixed a small issue that may have prevented properly receiving oviposition in rare cases or have had other unforeseen results with it

    • Changed backup loading to read from chat instead of using llTextBox(); the former had too small a character limit to support certain backup types

    • Fixed an issue that could lead to wrong calculation of pregnancy chances, rendering them too low. This may also have affected child gender

    • Slightly tweaked pregnancy chances and bonuses for better results

    • Changed incubation time to only calculate once per litter, to prevent offspring within the same litter having a slightly different birth time/date

    • Improved display of dates when using time acceleration, they are now more accurate based on whether acceleration was used and how long

    • Improved birth control methods to be more effective in some cases, slightly less in others, since it was tuned to be too good at reducing the chance initially. This should get much better results

  • Avian Penis & Herm Set: Fixed an issue where the shaft texture would not change texture properly

  • Natural feline Penis & Herm Set: Fixed a broken sculpt script, which caused most states to display wrong

  • New Canine Penis & Herm Set: Fixed an issue where the condom tip prims had a transparent texture


To obtain these updated bits, please access the redelivery page through your HUD or through one of my vendors inworld. Please keep in mind that there may be some initial slowness while everyone updates.
If you encounter any bugs or missing items on the redelivery page, please file a support ticket via and we will help you as soon as we can.

Now that v5.0 is out there and selling, and that both release events are over with and went well, I figured I’d recap the whole thing a little and also put a little Q&A up here for a few popular questions that came up recently. So first of all, let me say that so far it was a huge success, and I’m excited to see how the products will do in the long run. More stuff will be on the way shortly, I already have ideas for more releases, possibly even before the year is over, but we shall see ;D

Without further ranting, have a bit of a FAQ here:

Q: My purchases are missing from the redelivery page!

A: This is because of an old marketplace related bug that affects a lot of people who purchased there around 2012 until the first half of 2013, roughly. If you find something missing, please either leave me an IM with the products you bought and I’ll refund you for them so you can re-buy the v5.0 version. Alternately, file a support ticket via and I will set a manual redelivery through the marketplace for you.

Q: I discovered a bug, what  do I do?

A: Please file a report via and I will get back to you. This helps me keep track of open issues, so I can see whether something is reproducible or whether it is something we can fix on your end. Be sure to include details if you can, such as the name of the product(s) affected and steps to reproduce the issue.

Q: Where are the manuals for the breasts and fertility HUD?

A: Scheduled to be written today actually. Release was a stress filled time, and I needed sunday to wind down a bit. However, by today (or tomorrow tops, if something comes up) you can expect to see the manuals and tutorials updated for v5.0 etc

Q: Do I NEED a fertility HUD to partake in pregnancy play?

A: Only if you want to become pregnant or want to give/receive oviposition. The PsiCorp Bits HUD that comes with all v5.0 bits includes a basic fertility HUD option including some male functions. This is enough to have fun with people wearing the fertility HUDs, without having to buy the full one.

Q: My bits HUD is missing a female option!

A: This is because you most likely have the regular bits HUD that came with your bits purchase. It only includes the basic male side of things, and as such doesn’t allow you to become pregnant.

Q: So.. multiboobs?

A: Confirmed as a future release. I’m waiting on “Project fitted mesh” by LL so I can create a set of rigged multiboobs that will fit your body settings. I tried a non-rigged set, but frankly, it didn’t have the quality I wanted, so I will create a rigged set once this project has been implemented.

Q: My HUD sometimes doesn’t recognize bits right or has stale bits listed

A: This is something I’ll be looking into. If the listings are incorrect, please open the settings menu and click the “request -> attached” button. This will correctly clear stale bits and recognize attached ones.

Q: I don’t get how texture appliers work

A: Check the knowledge base. The articles on applying custom textures have been rewritten to cover the use of appliers now, and it’s not that hard 😀

Q: I want to make something using the CCS API. What do I need to know?

A: First of all, there are no licensing deals, fees, or whatnot involved. Simply start making stuff and have fun! Also, be sure to give the documentation a read, it covers all the functions you may use:

Q: I made something using the CCS API! What now?

A: You can offer it for free, sell it, use it, whatever you like 😀 – and if you made something cool, do pass me an IM, if I like it, I might just throw a little notification up on the blog, or we can see about getting an affiliate vendor set up in the main store!