As of now, there is a major update available for all Animesh & Bento vagina products, containing new body support, improvements and fixes.
Additionally, a bugfix for the Animesh Ovipositor and Animesh Fertility HUD products has been released as well.

New products to support the following bodies has been added:

  • eBody Reborn
  • Inthium Kupra
  • Dev Nana

Additionally, full support for Slink “Redux” bodies has been added to the Slink version of the Bento vagina.

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • All Bento vaginas now correctly use auto-hide scripts where available.
  • All Bento vaginas had their fit improved, visible gaps or shimmering should be gone or reduced as much as possible.
  • Sex toy visibility has been retimed to try and prevent early hiding, additionally, sextoys now fade out on animation end rather than simply hiding.
  • Body animations have been re-imported on higher priority to stop them from being overridden on accident.
  • An issue has been fixed that caused a body animation to keep playing sometimes.
  • Using oviposition during sex toy animations now behaves properly, and first correctly ends the sex toy animations before starting oviposition.
  • Fixed Omega appliers not correctly applying materials to the vagina
  • Fixed the gaped twitch animation not playing correctly on some variants.
  • Fixed wrong particle emitter position on some variants.

Additional fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Animesh Ovipositor that prevented the egg laying animations from playing
  • Fixed an issue where the fertility HUD box contained the regular animesh HUD
  • Fixed an outdated manual link in the fertility HUD manual notecard

Known issues:

  • The bento vaginas currently respond badly to the hip length shape slider. To circumvent this, please set it near the neutral position. A fix is available, but can currently not be imported yet, likely due to some import/export related bugs. This will be addressed in a future update.

To receive the newest version, please visit any inworld store location or use the landmark included in your purchases, and find a caspervend redelivery terminal!

It’s been a long, long time since there’s last been any updates, and here’s there reason why! For the last few months I’ve been hard at work, finally making an oft-requested set of items happen. Now I’m happy to announce the release of our Animesh Vagina, a fully animated, universal vagina, with built-in omega support for a near-seamless texture match.

Ontop of this, other features include:

  • Several detailed messy options
  • A good range of texture variants
  • Both a canine and humanoid shaped toy for self-play animations
  • Oviposition animations (including the same eggs laid by our ovipositor style penises)
  • A trans clit option for transmasc characters
  • An option for a more visible labia

Given the restrictions in regards to wearing more than one animesh item – and the fact that there is no way to enable linking our animesh penises to the animesh vagina, short of redoing each and every one of them almost from scrach – the idea early on was also to offer a Bento version alongside. These will feature a virtually seamless fit with most of our supported bodies – and may receive more support down the road as requests come in! Furthermore, they have built in bakes on mesh support – something that is currently simply not possible yet on animesh, something we hope LL will fix in the future!

The bento vaginas will feature most of the features that the animesh one offers, accounting for the reduced bone count available for bento items (utilizing the hind leg bones in this case).

But new products isn’t all there is to this release! As part of all this, all animesh penises – including the HUDs – have been bumped to version 4.0. Let’s talk about what this entails.
The smaller part of this was script updates to the penises themselves, which also includes a side-to-side tilting option to complement the existing up-down tilt, giving you more adjustability for your poses! At the same time, a lot of existing bugs, both script based and animation related, have been addressed!

By far the biggest part of Animesh 4.0 though is the reworked HUD. The main focus of it was the customization menu, which has often been a source of confusion for people, and wasn’t all that nice to use. Now, the old page has been replaced by a much more userfriendly and full-featured setup, allowing you to not only texture and color your bits with greater ease, but also to finally texture, tint and style individual piercings one by one! Additionally, shininess controls have finally been integrated into the HUD, making it much easier to match up the penis to whatever materials settings your avatar might use.
Also, I reworked the animesh penis layout, both making room for the up-down/side-to-side tilt, and cleaning up the layout a good bit. Furthermore, direct state selection is now a thing with a nice little slider indicator!

From a pricing standpoint, both styles of vagina – bento & animesh – will be priced at 1600L$, or 1800L$ for the deluxe version including the fertility HUD. The bento version will be sold as per-brand boxes, with each containing all supported variants per body brand, including the regular & trans versions.

So when can you get your hands on them? Glad you asked!
We will be releasing them this coming week, with events at the following times and dates:

  • Saturday, July 9th, 2pm SLT at YIFF
  • Sunday, July 10th, Noon SLT at The Ark

As with all our events, we’ll have L$ raffles and a great party, so make sure to stop by, check out some demos, or pick up one of the new products! Or just come hang out and grab some updates for your existing stuff!

What lurks out in the vast depths of space? Friendly, eyeless critters, with big ol’ paws! While they may look intimidating, these eyeless giants (who can also shrink if they want to) are actually curious and gentle. They roam the stars, collecting space junk, usully seeking out items with interesting textures – since they cannot see, their other senses are stronger, including touch, and as a result, they love to find items that are squishy, fluffy, etc.

They were designed by RAPTORDOG and are our latest avatar release! They’ll be available in a dozen color options, each one picked after the zodiac signs and with very unique colorations. They also come with a lot of custom parts this time around, including head, tail, digilegs, spikes, arms and glowy bits! And all of that compatible with the big range of bodies we support, incluing Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Legacy!

For those who like their critters to be on the large size, we do offer a macro version as always!

We’ll be having the release parties this coming weeked, so only a few short days until you can get your hands on them!

Times and dates as follows:

  • Saturday, December 11th – The Ark at Noon SLT
  • Sunday, December 12th – YIFF at 4pm SLT

As always, we will have our usual raffles and will be there to show off the Voidbeasts, so come party with us!

Another round of bugfixes was released today, the following issues have been addressed:

Avatars & Claws addon

  • Claws addon, Tiger, Dragon, Gryphon, Fox, Wolf – Fixed issues with maitreya claws, both hands and feet, not responding proper as well as a positioning error on the hand fluff layer
  • Tiger, Dragon, Fox, Wolf – Fixed snarl mood not being available
  • Fox, Wolf – Fixed “pant” tongue option not being available
  • Gryphon – Fixed Gianni digilegs parts not being rigged correctly

Animesh bits

  • Animesh Nightmare – Fixed size L unpierced not responding to HUD
  • Animes Natural Canine – fixed size S unpierced in medium length still having piercings present

As with all updates, please use the inworld redelivery terminals, or touch a vendor to access its menu. If you find any leftover bugs or run into any other issues, please file a report in our discord server or via so that I may collect any open issues and address them!

Ever since the release of the extremely popular Animesh series, some requests have reached me time and again for a few other features pertaining to the canine. With our recent big avatar overhaul out of the way, I decided to take a bit of time and create something catering to both those requests as well as to some of my own thoughts.

This is why I’ve brought back the natural canine, which some people may remember from the older days, as an alternate canine model, with some noticeable design changes as well as new features.

Most notably, the sheath now has a proper upward angle and is longer, compared to the stubby, front-facing version of the original. The shaft also is less stylized, and features a different shape profile altogether, with a somewhat blunter tip. Textures also have seen improvements, still offering the three usual flavors of regular, detailed, as well as smooth, to fit with any avatar style, though details overall have improved and shading has been made more subtle compared to the harsher lines on the classic canine animesh.

A new feature also has been added, allowing an extra level of mess, which will be present on all animesh bits going forward – the messy sheath option. This will add dangling cum strands to the sheath, fitting with all ball size options and animating along with the rest of the bits.

As with the current animesh canine, the natural version will come in long, medium and short options, and will be sold in the same way, either separately per size, or as a fat pack for some bigger savings. Also do keep in mind that this is a different product than the current, classic canine animesh, the intention is very much to keep offering both and allow people a choice of which style they prefer for their avatar!

As far as parties go, we will be attending the following places this weekend:

  • The Ark, Saturday, September 25th, Noon SLT
  • YIFF, Sunday, September 26th, 3pm SLT

Make sure to drop by and check out the new goodness, we will of course also be there to showcase the new products as well as answer any questions and take feedback!

I’ve been expecting some issues given the sheer size of the avatar update that got released this weekend, and did manage to collect a decent number of issues. I’m happy to report that after a long couple of days, all reported issues should be resolved!

You can receive updates as usual, simply visit any inworld location and either find a redelivery terminal, or click any vendor to open the menu, which can also take you to the redelivery site.

Fixes include the following:

  • Unpackers: Fixed permission issue preventing applier HUDs from unboxing
  • Unpackers: Fixed unpackers giving duplicate items for some unpack options
  • Unpackers: Fixed slink male handing out female items
  • Unpackers: Fixed alternate heads not unpacking for some unpack options
  • Fox: Fixed missing head / bitch head HUDs
  • Fox: Fixed issue with animation playback
  • Fox / Wolf: Fixed issues with Nova male digilegs in normal/macro size
  • Gryphon: Fixed applier HUD applying incorrect textures to some parts
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed Belleza foot claws not responding to HUD
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed tinting not working as expected for some parts
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed fitment/rig issues with Core Nova hands normal/macro
  • Dragon: Fixed white parts remaining on head after texture application
  • Dragon: Fixed floating parts on Maitreya digilegs
  • Head HUDs: Fixed face controls not updating / displaying correctly

Also, all fat packs are now properly listed on the appropriate vendors, check them out!

It’s been a fair bit of silence from me, but now it’s time for some updates! For some time now I’ve had the idea of putting my avatars on a common standard, with support for more mesh bodies, more features etc, since over time the contents and quality of my avatars evolved. So I’ve taken the gryphon, dragon, tiger, fox & wolf avatars and standardized them, as well as gave the latter two a sizable overhaul!

Since this doesn’t sound awfully exciting by itself, let’s dive into what’s new:

  • More mesh body support – the avatar kits now support all Slink, Signature and the Legacy female bodies. This means seamless digilegs, the appropriate appliers etc. – This should more than double the amount of bodies these avs are compatible with!
  • New claws & Pawpads – all claws/pawpads are no longer textured on but now are modeled and customizeable, across all hands, feet, digilegs, as well as wings, where applicable. You can texture, tint and show/hide individual parts as needed on them! These claws and pads will also be available as a separate product, though are by default sold with any of the new kits.
  • Better appliers – The PsiCorp, Omega and Maitreya appliers have been merged into one HUD, with Legacy HUDs also included in the box now. This makes applying textures a quick and easy experience, and ensures all avatars now come with appliers for all supported bodies. Ontop of that, more bodies get the androgynous texture option, for those brands that support flat-chested addons.
  • Head improvements – besides general fixes, all heads received new eyelashes, which come in 4 styles that can be switched via the HUD, as well as hidden if needed. The universal neck standard is now also supported, allowing for a truly seamless neck connection on all bodies that support it. Also, the “hole around the eyes” bug is gone for good now!
  • Better standalone heads – all standalone heads are now better positioned to work alone, with better head HUDs, full texture appliers etc.
  • Adjustable tails and wings – if you find your tail or wings do not sit quite correct on your body, you now can adjust their positions somewhat via the HUD! Also, tail sizes have been standardized, no more male/female wings or tails, all kits now come with small, medium and large versions of them.
  • Standardized digilegs – All digilegs now use the new UV layout that the most recent avs employ, using the SL leg texture down to the ankle, and a custom UV for the foot portion. Digilegs are virtually seamless on all supported third party bodies as well!
  • Rigged eyes – finally all updated avs will have rigged eyes, allowing them to seamlessly scale alongside the head slider, as well as having the side effect of reduced script usage.
  • Unpack HUDs – with all the new items in the box, I transitioned to unpack HUDs, which will allow you to pick the gender of choice, followed by the desired mesh body you want to use, but also offer one-click shortcuts to the blog, discord, SL group, helpdesk and twitter.
  • Updated HUDs – new functions aside, all HUDs have been updated to the new, cleaner style, resulting in a much easier to read experience. Also they have been un-merged from the Core Nova HUD, to declutter, improve performance, and remove options that just were confusing to third party body users.
  • Better macro kits – Macro kits now come with more items, proper earless heads, standardized and adjustable tails and wings etc.

The actual changelog is longer still, if you’re interested in even more detail, check out this link!

Beyond these improvements, the wolves and foxes got some special attention. Being the oldest out of the bunch, they received extra care and attention ontop of all the other changes:

  • Reworked the head – updates to the general shape of the head, jaw and eyes, and an improved highpoly base, aka better normal maps, resulting in a much more defined and appealing look.
  • Texture updates – textures were essentially redone from scratch, and shaded with the more subtle setup found on newer avatars.
  • Other improvements – The tail received some love, fixing the somewhat glitchy shading, teeth were updated as well to make them fit better against each other, remove clipping and generally integrate it better with the mouth.
  • Animation tweaks – facial animations were overhauled, adding some expressiveness and adjusting for the new facial shape.

Please note that I kept all the UV maps the same, /except/ the digileg feet. Since wolf and fox still used the old style digilegs, these had to get updated. If you have / sell any mods that make use of my digilegs, please be sure to update the textures accordingly! However anything involving the head or tail textures will work as before, no UV map alterations have been made there!

With that out of the way, how and when can you get your hands on them?

As for the how, once they are released, you will be able to visit any inworld location and use a Caspervend redelivery terminal to receive your items. If you are buying new, please be aware that due to the significant increase in stuff you get with each kit now, the kit price will be increasing from 800 to 950L$ to account for all the extra parts that had to be made!

As for the when, we plan to have a couple of release parties again, at the following times and places:

  • Saturday, September 4th at noon SLT – The Ark
  • Sunday, September 5th at noon SLT – Containment

As always, me and my fiancee will be attending as well and showing off the updates, as well as be there should you have any questions!

Also, due to the sheer size of the release – essentially touching every item for five whole avatars – I do expect there to exist some potentia bugs, despite my best efforts at testing everything I can. If you find any, please be sure to report it on so that I collect any issues and get them fixed!

Has it really already been a year since the last animesh release? Not considering the HUD update. But that drought has come to an end! This time around, I’ve built two double-equipped bits, the snake and shark ones. In general I kept with the original snake design, since I really liked how it looked, though the shark has undergone a more major redesign.

As with all animesh bits, it has all the animations, smooth state transitions, throbs, sways, bounces etc. Some animations got lengthened as well to give them a bit more time to show off. The new and improved HUD has of course been implemented right away, too!

As usual, you can get these for 1200 each, or 1500 for the deluxe, if you’re looking to save some money on a fertility HUD. As for when you can get these, they’ll be available starting this weekend, with the parties being at the following times and places:
* Saturday, April 3rd, 2pm SLT at Pounce
* Sunday, April 4th, noon SLT at The Ark

With the size of our recent update, it was no surprise some issues got away. I’ve been collecting reports over the last week and addressed them today, along with a couple of older issues that were still standing. The following fixes were made today:

  • Animesh HUD – fixed piercing rods/studs showing up as “color only”, they now have their texture options back
  • Animesh HUD – fixed one adult animation not playing correctly
  • Animesh Canine – fixed XL pierced in medium length not responding
  • Animesh Feline – fixed grey penis HUD page
  • Animesh Monster – fixed grey penis HUD page
  • Animesh Monster – fixed ball sway/angle animations not working
  • Animesh Nightmare – fixed “latexblack” texture not displaying

As with all updates, you can use the redelivery function in all of our stores. Simply touch a redelivery panel or vendor to access the menu.