I’ve been expecting some issues given the sheer size of the avatar update that got released this weekend, and did manage to collect a decent number of issues. I’m happy to report that after a long couple of days, all reported issues should be resolved!

You can receive updates as usual, simply visit any inworld location and either find a redelivery terminal, or click any vendor to open the menu, which can also take you to the redelivery site.

Fixes include the following:

  • Unpackers: Fixed permission issue preventing applier HUDs from unboxing
  • Unpackers: Fixed unpackers giving duplicate items for some unpack options
  • Unpackers: Fixed slink male handing out female items
  • Unpackers: Fixed alternate heads not unpacking for some unpack options
  • Fox: Fixed missing head / bitch head HUDs
  • Fox: Fixed issue with animation playback
  • Fox / Wolf: Fixed issues with Nova male digilegs in normal/macro size
  • Gryphon: Fixed applier HUD applying incorrect textures to some parts
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed Belleza foot claws not responding to HUD
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed tinting not working as expected for some parts
  • Claws / Pads: Fixed fitment/rig issues with Core Nova hands normal/macro
  • Dragon: Fixed white parts remaining on head after texture application
  • Dragon: Fixed floating parts on Maitreya digilegs
  • Head HUDs: Fixed face controls not updating / displaying correctly

Also, all fat packs are now properly listed on the appropriate vendors, check them out!

It’s been a fair bit of silence from me, but now it’s time for some updates! For some time now I’ve had the idea of putting my avatars on a common standard, with support for more mesh bodies, more features etc, since over time the contents and quality of my avatars evolved. So I’ve taken the gryphon, dragon, tiger, fox & wolf avatars and standardized them, as well as gave the latter two a sizable overhaul!

Since this doesn’t sound awfully exciting by itself, let’s dive into what’s new:

  • More mesh body support – the avatar kits now support all Slink, Signature and the Legacy female bodies. This means seamless digilegs, the appropriate appliers etc. – This should more than double the amount of bodies these avs are compatible with!
  • New claws & Pawpads – all claws/pawpads are no longer textured on but now are modeled and customizeable, across all hands, feet, digilegs, as well as wings, where applicable. You can texture, tint and show/hide individual parts as needed on them! These claws and pads will also be available as a separate product, though are by default sold with any of the new kits.
  • Better appliers – The PsiCorp, Omega and Maitreya appliers have been merged into one HUD, with Legacy HUDs also included in the box now. This makes applying textures a quick and easy experience, and ensures all avatars now come with appliers for all supported bodies. Ontop of that, more bodies get the androgynous texture option, for those brands that support flat-chested addons.
  • Head improvements – besides general fixes, all heads received new eyelashes, which come in 4 styles that can be switched via the HUD, as well as hidden if needed. The universal neck standard is now also supported, allowing for a truly seamless neck connection on all bodies that support it. Also, the “hole around the eyes” bug is gone for good now!
  • Better standalone heads – all standalone heads are now better positioned to work alone, with better head HUDs, full texture appliers etc.
  • Adjustable tails and wings – if you find your tail or wings do not sit quite correct on your body, you now can adjust their positions somewhat via the HUD! Also, tail sizes have been standardized, no more male/female wings or tails, all kits now come with small, medium and large versions of them.
  • Standardized digilegs – All digilegs now use the new UV layout that the most recent avs employ, using the SL leg texture down to the ankle, and a custom UV for the foot portion. Digilegs are virtually seamless on all supported third party bodies as well!
  • Rigged eyes – finally all updated avs will have rigged eyes, allowing them to seamlessly scale alongside the head slider, as well as having the side effect of reduced script usage.
  • Unpack HUDs – with all the new items in the box, I transitioned to unpack HUDs, which will allow you to pick the gender of choice, followed by the desired mesh body you want to use, but also offer one-click shortcuts to the blog, discord, SL group, helpdesk and twitter.
  • Updated HUDs – new functions aside, all HUDs have been updated to the new, cleaner style, resulting in a much easier to read experience. Also they have been un-merged from the Core Nova HUD, to declutter, improve performance, and remove options that just were confusing to third party body users.
  • Better macro kits – Macro kits now come with more items, proper earless heads, standardized and adjustable tails and wings etc.

The actual changelog is longer still, if you’re interested in even more detail, check out this link!

Beyond these improvements, the wolves and foxes got some special attention. Being the oldest out of the bunch, they received extra care and attention ontop of all the other changes:

  • Reworked the head – updates to the general shape of the head, jaw and eyes, and an improved highpoly base, aka better normal maps, resulting in a much more defined and appealing look.
  • Texture updates – textures were essentially redone from scratch, and shaded with the more subtle setup found on newer avatars.
  • Other improvements – The tail received some love, fixing the somewhat glitchy shading, teeth were updated as well to make them fit better against each other, remove clipping and generally integrate it better with the mouth.
  • Animation tweaks – facial animations were overhauled, adding some expressiveness and adjusting for the new facial shape.

Please note that I kept all the UV maps the same, /except/ the digileg feet. Since wolf and fox still used the old style digilegs, these had to get updated. If you have / sell any mods that make use of my digilegs, please be sure to update the textures accordingly! However anything involving the head or tail textures will work as before, no UV map alterations have been made there!

With that out of the way, how and when can you get your hands on them?

As for the how, once they are released, you will be able to visit any inworld location and use a Caspervend redelivery terminal to receive your items. If you are buying new, please be aware that due to the significant increase in stuff you get with each kit now, the kit price will be increasing from 800 to 950L$ to account for all the extra parts that had to be made!

As for the when, we plan to have a couple of release parties again, at the following times and places:

  • Saturday, September 4th at noon SLT – The Ark
  • Sunday, September 5th at noon SLT – Containment

As always, me and my fiancee will be attending as well and showing off the updates, as well as be there should you have any questions!

Also, due to the sheer size of the release – essentially touching every item for five whole avatars – I do expect there to exist some potentia bugs, despite my best efforts at testing everything I can. If you find any, please be sure to report it on psicorp.freshdesk.com so that I collect any issues and get them fixed!

Has it really already been a year since the last animesh release? Not considering the HUD update. But that drought has come to an end! This time around, I’ve built two double-equipped bits, the snake and shark ones. In general I kept with the original snake design, since I really liked how it looked, though the shark has undergone a more major redesign.

As with all animesh bits, it has all the animations, smooth state transitions, throbs, sways, bounces etc. Some animations got lengthened as well to give them a bit more time to show off. The new and improved HUD has of course been implemented right away, too!

As usual, you can get these for 1200 each, or 1500 for the deluxe, if you’re looking to save some money on a fertility HUD. As for when you can get these, they’ll be available starting this weekend, with the parties being at the following times and places:
* Saturday, April 3rd, 2pm SLT at Pounce
* Sunday, April 4th, noon SLT at The Ark

With the size of our recent update, it was no surprise some issues got away. I’ve been collecting reports over the last week and addressed them today, along with a couple of older issues that were still standing. The following fixes were made today:

  • Animesh HUD – fixed piercing rods/studs showing up as “color only”, they now have their texture options back
  • Animesh HUD – fixed one adult animation not playing correctly
  • Animesh Canine – fixed XL pierced in medium length not responding
  • Animesh Feline – fixed grey penis HUD page
  • Animesh Monster – fixed grey penis HUD page
  • Animesh Monster – fixed ball sway/angle animations not working
  • Animesh Nightmare – fixed “latexblack” texture not displaying

As with all updates, you can use the redelivery function in all of our stores. Simply touch a redelivery panel or vendor to access the menu.

As of this post, a major update has been released for all animesh genitals. This has been in the works since our latest release and was aimed at standardizing and improving the usability of the Animesh HUD in particular, as well as improvements to the Canine variants as well. To that end, we implemented the following features and updates:

An all new visual style

This was one of the main things I wanted to address. To clean up the old, often cluttered looking HUD graphics, and to develop a new, much cleaner style for the user interface, with more clearly laid out buttons and more easily understandable graphics. This also involved touching up on the vagina/tailhole pages, which hadn’t seen any visual changes in a long time, and still used an even older visual style. Furthermore, we cleaned up some unused buttons, as well as changed some button graphics to be more consistent with their function, and in some cases added some help text – in particular to the scaling buttons, which don’t serve any function on animesh penises, but still do function for vagina/tailhole attachments.

One-for all HUD

This has been a goal of mine for as long as the animesh series existed, finding ways to merge all the various species-centric HUDs into one. A way forward has been found, and as of this release, species-centric animesh HUDs/Fertility HUDs are a thing of the past. Please note that the animesh HUDs do NOT work with v6.x bits and vice versa. Also keep in mind that the new HUD will also ONLY work with current, updated animesh genitals. It will NOT work with any animesh genitals dated before today, you must update in order to use them with the new HUD.

New animations

The poseball system by now was quite old, so it too has been redone virtually from the ground up. The dialog menus have been rewritten and reformatted, alongside a current-day pose adjust menu. I also rewrote the way animations play, eliminating the animation permission dialog upon sitting on the poseballs, and dropping a script from the HUD in the process. Most notably, we replaced ALL animations with two dozen new adult animations by ::R:a:W:a:G:e::, as well as several cuddles by [Polymorph].

Less memory use, more stability

Due to the extensive rewrites done to virtually every bit of code, the new memory footprint is about 15% lower than before, which means a respectable 50kb of script memory savings. It also runs on one less script than before due to improvements on the poseball control system. Furthermore, merging and rearranging script code, as well as removing old code for now unsupported items – more down below – should also ensure a much more robust setup, and out-of-memory crashes in the main HUD systems should now no longer occur.

Canine improvements

As part of this update, the animesh canine bits, being the oldest, also saw some TLC. Most notably, many of the animations got a bit of a polish pass, making them more detailed and fluid in places. Some minor rigging issues also got resolved, as well as a minor hard edge on certain knot sizes having been removed. Material settings got some small tweaks as well, making the flesh overall glossier.

Pulling support for 6.x breasts

Also as part of this update, we are discontinuing the old 6.x breasts line. The product has not seen any changes in years, and with mesh bodies being a reality for years now, has seen very low demand. Additionally, the lack of Omega support or any modern tech in them has often left customers with products that don’t tie in with their items properly. Thus I made the decision to pull those products from sale. This does not affect you if you already own them, however new purchases will no longer be available.


Another major change implemented as of this post is unpackers for all new releases, including the updated animesh bits. We bid farewell to the rezable product boxes we used to have, and now introduce new, wearable unpacker HUDs. They’ll present you with a range of options, offering 1-click unpack for anything from bits to avatars, giving you direct access to the unpacker’s gender selection, as well as providing direct access to our blog, SL group, discord server, twitter and helpdesk links. This means you now can finally unpack even in no-rez areas without any hassle, as well as access all of our community and support sites directly.

Bugs and issues

This was a MAJOR undertaking for me, a great many lines of code changed, and significant changes were made all over the place, ontop of the new unpackers etc. If you find any issues with the new systems, please do report them on our helpdesk, found at psicorp.freshdesk.com or via the link in the new unpackers. We did a lot of testing, but it’s likely we didn’t catch it all with something this complex, so please do report any issues so they can be resolved!

The future

What is in store next? Broadly speaking, more animesh bits are coming up next, WIPs will be posted in our discord. Beyond that, another awesome avatar collaboration with Raptordog is planned, as well as a similar update and standardization project for our recent avatars (wolf/fox and newer). Stay tuned for details on this one, it will be another larger undertaking, but it will bring all recent avatars onto a common level and improve many aspects of them, add new features, as well as address open issues.

As with all updates, redeliveries for existing customers are free. Simply visit any inworld store and find a redelivery terminal, or alternatively touch any vendor to access its menu. This also includes the fertility HUD box, which now only includes the 6.x series HUD as well as the animesh one, rather than the individual species HUDs

We’ve been at it once again, making new avatars and all that! This time we once again have an all new species for you, of the avian variant. It was a fun and interesting challenge to make something feathery, though in the end, I’m quite satisfied with the result.

Like our avatars before, these birds of legend feature animated faces, wings and tails, the latter two in several different sizes, as well as a good range of color choices. We’ll be putting out a couple of special colorations as well, and do keep an eye out for Raptordog’s awesome mods, to be featured at the release parties again!

As for said parties, we’ll once again have two events, this time as follows:

  • Saturday, January 23rd, Noon SLT, The Ark
  • Sunday, January 24th, Noon SLT, Furzona

Be sure to join us and pick up one of these shiny new birds for yourself!

It’s been high time for one of our more popular avs throughout the years – the dragons – to receive a much needed update. So that’s just what we did.

My amazingly talented girlfriend supplied the designs for them, whilst I myself worked on the build process, leading to those really cool looking creatures that you’ll be able to call your own this very weekend.

Feature wise, you can expect the usual goodness; bento animations for face and tail, shiny materials, the improved digileg style we pioneered with the tiger avatar, etc. Though there have been a couple of improvements over our last avatar, the tiger.
Most notably, we now have full maitreya support with according appliers, a feature we will bring to other avatars. That aside, we now have proper working claws for our supported third party bodies, again something we will bring to older avatars as we go along.

Further updates include a light-weight HUD that now omits the mesh body funtions (a HUD including those is still provided though), bringing the script impact down significantly. We also improved the standalone head contents and will standardize them across avatars in the future.

All of the existing colors have been updated, as well as the special edition fire and ice drakes, which have been done up in a much different, and improved, style this time around!

Price wise, these kits again will sit at the usual 800L$, or as a free upgrade if you own the previous dragon avatars. Please note that the old “classic” dragon avatars are NOT part of this, they are, and always will be, a stand-alone legacy product.

So where and when can you get them at? We’ll be having two parties again this weekend, at the following times and places:

  • Saturday, November 28th, 2pm SLT at Pounce
  • Sunday, November 29th, 2pm SLT at The Ark

Be sure to drop by and party it up, and get your hands on those new avatars!

Once more, we’ve got some new shiny parts for you! This time around, the dracanine and nightmare bits got their animesh treatment, along with the usual design update. One is the dragon/canine hybrid, with some juicy ridges and knot, the other is an equine/dragon mix, an imposing thing with flare, ridges, and sizable knot at its base.

Both of our new products again come in the regular and deluxe version, with deluxe including the appropriate fertility HUD; so if you’re looking to save money and don’t own a fertility HUD yet, these are the deals for you!
Pricing is as usual, with 1200L$ for the regular versions and 1500L$ for deluxe.

As for our release parties, we’ll have the two following times and dates:

  • Saturday, September 19th at 2pm SLT – Pounce
  • Sunday, September 20th at 2pm SLT – The Ark

Make sure to join us again for awesome music and another raffle, and of course to come pick up those new adult bits!

A shameless plug for my wonderfully talented girlfriend, who runs Raptordog, and has slaved away this last week to deliver some really awesome mods. These variants will be available at the parties next to my tiger avatars, so be sure to visit to snag them up! There is also a special edition below, which will be very limited!

And last but not least, the limited edition. This one will be available ONLY during the parties, and then never again! So don’t miss out, make sure to attend and pick up this gorgeous mod!

We had to.

That said, yes, tigers are coming this weekend! These are our first – but likely not last – foray into the feline species, and may well be laying the groundwork for more big and small cat species down the road.

As with all our avatars, we have long face animation loops for different moods, as well as the ability to combine various face poses for your own expression to suit your needs. We also greatly improved our digilegs this time around, making texturing them a lot easier, and enabling a way more seamless setup now compared to before.

Furthermore, we now include claws and pawpads made for third party bodies, which will avoid the stretched and misaligned pawpads that third party bodies often are affected by.

Pricing is as usual, with 800L$ per avatar kit, 400L$ for the standalone head, as well as 200L$ for the bitch head and macro kit each.

Party wise, we’ll be at the following dates and places this time:

  • Saturday, 22nd August, noon SLT at GYC
  • Sunday, 23rd August, 2pm SLT at Pounce